I thought I might be gay. Circ sexuality.

A place for guys to discuss why they love being circumcised or wish that they were cut.
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I thought I might be gay. Circ sexuality.

Postby chrisbris » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:52 pm

I was amazed when I finally found out that other people shared the same fetish as myself. I was a lonely and confusing time right into my late twenties.

I thought that if I was turned on by seeing a guy with a cut cock then I must be gay.

Even today I find it interesting and in some ways odd and frustrating. I don't fancy men at all and don't want to have sex with them. And I have not emotional feelings for them either. I'm married with a kid and have had many gfs and lovers.

I'm really into women, BUT, I'm not vagina mad. I do love seeing them and I'm turned on, but I'd prefer to masturbate to a video of a cut cock most of the time!! It's almost as if my genital preference was messed up!!! And depending on the girl I've preferred to be jerked off than have sex.

As one exception I did go to a transexual brothel a couple of times and asked for a circed 'guy'.
The best one was Brazilian with an amazingly beautiful circed cock.
It was cut high a médium tight and even when soft the skin was way back from the head. There must have been at least 1.5 inches of inner skin. And no frenulum.
I only wanted to stroke it. I pulled up the skin which went half way up the head which surprised me. And I rubbed the head. He got sensitive but didn't allow me to bring him off.
He admired my circ and said he preferred circed cocks and brought me off. I didn't want any anal sex (yuk!) so he said 'you're not gay, are you.

He said his mum did the circumcision like a jew would have it done. Didn't see any stitch marks, but seems odd!
To be honest I don't rule out trying to get another experience like this again.

Do you have this dual mixed up sexuality about circumcision too?
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Re: I thought I might be gay. Circ sexuality.

Postby snoman » Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:15 am

In my early teens (or perhaps around age 12) I had a friend who was circumcised and I wasn't. We used to look at Playboy and Penthouse magazine, and one day he flashed me. I was a bit confused but didn't say anything. A few weeks later we found his dad's hidden porn VHS tapes (remember those days?) and eagerly put them into the vcr. It was the very first time I'd ever seen porn in my life, and growing up uncut, I was very insecure about being the only person in the whole world with a foreskin. I focussed immediately on two things in that vid. First, the actresses were very beautiful! Second - all the guys were circumcised (I think. I wouldn't have known back then how to spot the differences easily).

So this was an amazing turn on but also a huge blow to my already reduced self confidence.

I confided in my friend later on that I wasn't circumcised. He flashed me again and essentially instigated a show and tell situation. I'd been in a few of these situations when I was much younger, but that was at an age before the hormones were surging and it was just being curious about each others differences. This time there was a sexual overtone to the behaviour, and it left me feeling very confused.

Like you, I had no romantic interest in my friend at all, and wasn't in any way physically attracted to him - but I wanted to look more closely at his cock and compare it with mine. For a few months whenever i visited him, there was a pattern where we'd look at his magazines (or watch his dad's porn tapes if his parents were out), and then jerk off together. We even jerked each other off once or twice, and then both of us would feel very guilty and question our sexuality.

Looking back on it, I don't think that kind of behaviour at that age is particularly abnormal. We went our separate ways and that was that for me and mutual exploration. I've never since even thought about doing anything similar - not since I was 13. I'm quite prepared to accept that sexuality is never black or white and that we all probably fall on the continuum from gay to straight somewhere, but for me, all my sexual fantasies involve women, and they always have. Even at age 13 when my friend was manipulating my foreskin, I was thinking of Bo Derek in the Playboy I'd just seen her in. It's just that my fantasies involve women and a male circumcision theme.

I don't know. An old friend of mine told me a few years ago that he'd spent the night with another guy and he knows for sure that he's straight because he didn't enjoy the encounter at all! It kind of made sense the way he said it.
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Re: I thought I might be gay. Circ sexuality.

Postby Cufflinks » Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:10 pm

For me, this has always been an absolute male ego trip without any sexuality wobbles.
Yes, circumcised penises of others are fascinating, but only in the way another guy's Camaro or XK8 are interesting; you want to make sure you understand how you compare.
Because you ultimately want to impress females.

The only times I came close to iffy situations was when other guys asked me about my circumcision. I remember being able to discuss any detail of it quite coldly. More like you'd talk about exhaust manifolds or something.

When women bring up this topic though... whoa! The room begins to spin.
Some people’s opinion one simply cannot change. Mine, for example.
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