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French Blonde Leolulu

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French Blonde Leolulu

Postby jack » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:07 am

Hi guys,

I found this smoking hot French young lady a couple of months ago and she seems to film with the same guy (boyfriend?) in all her videos. Pitty she doesn’t show her face, but otherwise seems like a fine smoking hot lady.

The guy seems to have an adult circ to me and is most likely also French, judging by his appearence (i.e. I doubt he is Muslim and as far as I know circumcision among non-Muslims is really rare in France, unlike, say, Germany). I emailed her a while ago asking about it, but I didn’t get any replies. Maybe you guys are better at investigating.

Also, it may be just me, but the guy’s circ scar/skin contrast seems more pronounced in earlier videos, also pointing at a potentially recent adult job.

Link for reference: *** The link is only visible for members, go to login. ***
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