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4 cut guys in the showers: NOT GAY!!!

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4 cut guys in the showers: NOT GAY!!!

Postby chrisbris » Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:53 pm

The title is misleading!
As I've said, Spain isn't a circumcising country, and first hand I've realised that the trend is to go for a minimal circ, and not leave the glans exposed.

In the gym showers on Firday there were 3 other guys.
One a bodybuilder who always showers in the 'open' and facing the front. He has a big exposed glans above a low cut.
Another guy in his late twenties had a long one with an very cut look due to the pale colour and shape of the head, also low cut.
And finally a guy probably just twenty had a very neat cut cock, pale nicely shaped glans and low and tight looking. He didn't hide himself In the changing room while drying himself.

And then there was me with a more exposed looking cut cock. The chances of all 4 guys being cut is very low indeed. It's obvious that the normal style is low here. I was surprised that the younger guy was fully exposed. I sometimes fantasise about cut guys' girlfriends and how they respond to them in Spain.

In this gym as in others I've been a member it's quite posible that some have cosmetic cuts. I went to a private clinic for one of my circs, so it's quite posible.

anyway just wanted to tell the story!
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