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Postby Gemlt » Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:50 am

I originally posted these remarks as a comment to Cufflinks’ “The Seamstress,” but Hardware pointed out that it might be useful to have a separate discussion specifically for underwear, so here you are. For the most part, I’m just copying and pasting my original post, although I’ll add a few comments.

Discovering silk boxers was a game changer for me. I don’t remember exactly when I switched from Fruit of the Loom briefs to boxers, but by my adolescence I was exclusively wearing cotton jockey shorts. In my late twenties, I frequently found that they abrasively rubbed against my urethral meatus, and lthough this was hardly ever debilitating, it’s definitely not a comfortable sensation. In this regard, I guess foreskin could have been advantageous, and at one point I even invested in a handful of ManHood foreskin substitutes. I was curious to see if they would provide some extra protection and increase the sensitivity of my glans, which is typically not a particularly erogenous zone of my penis until after a fair amount of stimulation to the mucosal cuff, frenulum, and/or coronal ridge. I never noticed any significant change in sensitivity, but did discover that the ManHood acquired a bit of a musty smell that was difficult to wash out. After about a month or so of wearing them, I stopped when I discovered that I had lost one (they attach via a velcro seal that is highly unreliable given the variability of penis size depending on external temperature, etc.) while taking a walk in local park. Although slightly embarrassed by the prospect of a stranger finding my silly penis garment, I was horrified by the prospect of this potentially occuring in a location where I might be identified as the owner (at work or the like). Although not critical to this conversation, in retrospect, this issue was one of the things that germinated my interest in the whole cut vs. uncut conversation, and would be one of the things that lead me to look for forums where other people were talking about the differences between the two.

Going back to the roughness of cotton was annoying though, and I started wearing the few pairs of silk boxers that I owned more and more frequently. I found that the difference was so noticable that I ended up investing in several more pairs, and now I almost exlusively wear silk boxers. Although I have a few nicer pairs, there are plenty of pretty cheap silk boxers that I’ve been able to find on Amazon. These cheaper boxers feel a little stiffer when I first get them, and I imagine they probably have some polyester mixed into the fabric. That said, after a few washes, they’re typically pretty soft, and considerably more comfortable than even the high-end cotton boxers that I have. The one major downside to silk boxers that I’ve discovered is that they tend to ride up on my thighs on occasion. Aside from creating a somewhat awkward sensation, this can lead to some accidental exposure when I’m wearing shorts-not a terrible thing if intentional, but not the sort of accident you want happening at a family picnic.

Lately I’ve also been trying out some of the emerging brands of high-end underwear (I like Tommy John and SAXX), which are actually softer than silk. I would probably wear these synthetic microfiber boxer-brief hybrids exclusively, but they’re expensive ($25-30 each). For what it’s worth, the material used in both seems to be almost identical (although the Tommy Johns waistband seems to hold up slightly better over time). The main difference between the two brands is in the fly. While SAXX does not have a fly (making them trickier when using a urinal), Tommy John’s has a unique “kangaroo-pouch” horizontal fly instead of the vertical fly used by virtually all other men’s underwear. I’m a big fan of this feature, which allows you “quick draw” your junk out considerably more easily. Although I’m not in the habit of regularly having sex while clothed, I’ve also noticed that these boxers make this act considerably easier, as you can kind of tuck the flap of the pouch under your balls where it will stay in place pretty well. The one potential downside to Tommy Johns’ horizontal fly is that on occasion I’ll get an erection, and my glans will peek out from the fly. I say this is a downside, but it’s never really caused a problem, it’s just an unintended and unexpected effect of this feature of the boxers.

I’ll also admit to occasionaly wearing Andrew Christian briefs because they’re so thin and tight that my glans is extremely well-defined by them. Andrew Christians also typically feature some sort of “package-enhancing” pouch that makes my junk look much bigger than when I’m wearing any other underwear, and my girlfriend absolutely loves these briefs. They are however a bit to risque to wear to the gym, and frankly they can be so tight that they squeeze my nuts. For this reason, I rarely wear them except around the house for my girlfriend.

For what it’s worth, I can’t say whether or not switching up underwear fabrics has had much of an impact on my sensitivity. My orgasms have been more intense for the last several years, but I’m more enclined to attribute that to a girlfriend with a strong oral fixation that’s all too happy to 69 for 15+ minutes as foreplay, as well as to switching from synthetic lubes to coconut oil when masturbating (frankly, a topic that deserves its own thread, and one that I’ll start while I’m thinking of it). I can say that, sex aside, I don’t notice as many points throughout the day where I notice any discomfort due to my underwear. I still own plenty of cotton boxers, and when all my other underwear are in the wash I’ll resentfully wear them, and I will almost inevitably notice that they’re coarser and more likely to literally rub me the wrong way.

I know that there are other up-and-coming underwear brands out there (MeUndies comes to mind). Have any of you found a brand that’s particularly comfortable?

Has anybody circumcised as an adult found that they had a difference in preference for underwear style or fabric?

What about foreskin “surrogates” like ManHood or SenSlip? Has anybody ever tried any of these out, and what were the results?
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Re: Underwear

Postby Cufflinks » Sat Mar 24, 2018 1:01 pm

I actually clung on to my terrible, ribbed, European cotton underwear for years after my circumcision. It actually didn't seem to be a problem, although I have to say I also never enjoyed wearing that kind. It simply seemed the only type there was, until I discovered lycra based trunks at the end of the 90s, which I still consider pretty much the best now.

Foreskin substitutes never featured on my list. Not only did I not want to "cheat," but I simply always liked the feel of the glans against fabric.

As my circumcision is low and loose, it is possible for me to pull skin all the way over the glans, and I will get and maintain 100% coverage all day long without any help if I want to; and there were times when that did seem like a good idea. But overall, I feel that it contributes to my self confidence and even positive mood to "let it all hang out" - so I do.
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