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Carol The Circumciser

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Carol The Circumciser

Postby onyx99 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:49 pm

I first saw Megan down at the beach early one morning taking a swim. She was on her way back up the beach as I headed down towards the surf. The sunlight made the water droplets on her tanned skin sparkle like diamonds. Her breasts were large and firm; they had just the right amount of jiggle as she jogged up to where her towel lay on the sand. We exchanged smiles and a quick hello as we passed each other. As soon as I could I half turned expecting to check out her bum as she jogged up the beach. To my surprise as I turned around she was facing me. Her legs slightly apart, her weight evenly balanced on both feet, her face tilted towards the morning sun as she ran her fingers through her shoulder length wet hair, her breasts thrust outwards towards me. It was then I saw she was fully shaved with prominent lips that hung low between her legs. The effect on me was instantaneous as my penis began to thicken and rise.

That was how we met: on a beach in Europe. We spent the next six months travelling around Europe in my camper van. At every opportunity we visited nude beaches where Megan’s prominent labia and large breasts always drew a crowd on excited onlookers.

One afternoon as we lay on a small beach in a sheltered cove in the south of France observing all the cunts and cocks on display, Megan rolled over to face me and lifting one leg parted her glistening labia for me to look at. She casually asked if I had noticed that a number of the men on the beach were circumcised? I replied that I had but it was quite unusual in Europe as most men were uncircumcised. Megan remarked that she really quite liked the look of the circumcised cocks. It was the bare head on display all the time that she loved. “They look ready for sucking or fucking all the time” she laughed. “Does that mean you’re not interested in the uncircumcised cocks? I said. “Oh no” she laughed “I do love looking at an uncircumcised cock but I think a cut cock would be nice now and then. I think you’d love being circumcised you’ve got a beautiful head.” “I guess so” I said. “What have you seen today that you’ve liked”. I listened intently my cock thickening all the time as Megan ran through the cocks she’d seen that day. The majority of which were of course uncircumcised. She commented on the length, thickness, size of the cock head, the length of the foreskin and how wrinkled it was and whether the ridge was visible under the tight foreskin., I was quite surprised at how much detail she had observed as we lay upon the beach.

As we lay together Megan asked me why I had not been circumcised as a child. I said that I had been left uncut as my parents thought it best for me to decide if I wished to be circumcised and that I had never considered it, as most men were uncut.

As the sun was setting and there were only a few couples left on the beach she cupped my balls in her hands and rolling my foreskin off the glans she took my still soft penis into her mouth. As I became erect in the late afternoon sun she grasped my skin and held it tightly down the shaft, then rolled onto me, keeping my skin back as she rubbed my glans against her wet sex before sliding me inside her. The pressure of my sensitive glans inside her was too much and I ejaculated after a few thrusts, bringing Megan to her own orgasm.

On returning to Australia after our European travels we moved into Megan’s parents house in the hinterland of Australia’s Gold Coast. A big ranch style house set on ten acres around a large pool that was well used during the summer months. Megan had already explained that all her family were nudists but it was still a surprise when her father Paul walked out to meet me for the first time completely naked. “Hi, I’m Paul. Pleased to meet you. Megan has told us a lot about you. We’re looking forward to having you stay for a while. Please feel free to enjoy the pool and house”. “Thanks” I said. My eyes were drawn to his impressive cock which although not thick was quite long, around 6.5 inches flaccid. What was impressive was the size of his big ruby red helmet that was very definitely circumcised with a thick brown scar about half way up the shaft. His balls were shaven and with his all over tan he was a very fit looking man for his age. Megan went inside to talk to her mum and Paul asked me to join him for a dip in the pool. As we prepared to dive in he turned to me and said “Nice cock David, I’m sure the girls will enjoy seeing that every day. Be careful” And with that he dived into the pool.

After a very pleasant dinner we retired for the night, exhausted by our travels. After breakfast the next morning Megan headed into town to grab a few things and I grabbed my towel and headed out to the pool with a book, keen to enjoy some Aussie sun once again

Although I had been told many times that her parents were nudists I was still surprised when Carol strolled out to the pool in a thin wrap around that didn’t leave too much to the imagination. Although in her early fifties she was still a very good-looking women with curves that would put a girl half her age to shame. I was busy mentally reciting my times tables to take my mind off my cock which was beginning to stir. I knew it was wrong but she was certainly a sight to behold. She turned away from me and I breathed a sigh of relief as she slipped her robe from her shoulders to reveal a firm and athletic body tanned all over. With any luck she would slip into the pool while I looked elsewhere. It wasn’t to be: with her legs slightly parted she bent forward and knelt on the sun lounger to retrieve her sunscreen. Her buttocks parted to reveal a small and tightly wrinkled pink anus framed by wispy dark hairs. Below her generous labia formed a substantial mound. I quickly turned away to see Paul smiling at me his cock already half erect. He let out a slight laugh and dived into the pool. As I turned away my eyes saw Carol walking towards me. Her large D breasts barely moved at all. Her areolas were large and dark and nipples as thick as my thumb jutted out towards me.

As Carol reclined on the lounger my eyes were drawn to the dark triangle between her legs. She on the other hand was concentrating on rubbing suntan lotion into her tanned and shapely breasts. In turn she pulled each of her large brown areola taut before making sure they were well protected from the sun’s harsh rays. Already I could feel my skin tingling as the hot afternoon sun climbed higher in the sky.

Paul reappeared from inside to let us know he was heading over to the property next door to pick up some fencing materials and he’d be at least a couple of hours. I lay back on my lounger that was facing Carol’s and reached for my book. As I did so I saw Carol reaching for the bottle of sunscreen on the table next to her lounger. Without any hesitation or embarrassment she drew her knees up and let her legs fall open. I was overcome, I didn’t know whether to keep looking at her or look away. Between her legs was a thick patch of dark pubic hair that matched her tanned skin in tone. Without hesitation she began rubbing lotion into her inner thighs. I was relieved that her thick pubic hair hid her labia from view. But not for long. Without even glancing up she reached in with her fingers and with a gentle tug pulled out her inner labia, each pierced with a gold ring. They must have been nearly ¾ of an inch long. Like the rest of her body they were a dark tan colour. Suddenly realising where she was she looked up “I’m sorry David if I embarrassed you. We don’t have any shame or any secrets here” she laughed. “No No it’s OK “ I said. “I’m sure it is” Carol replied. “Tell me David. You like to keep things hidden away don’t you why is that? Unsure of what she meant I said “Not really I’m a pretty relaxed and open kinda guy” Carol laughed and settled down on her lounger. “That’s an impressive penis you’re carrying there. No wonder my daughter was so keen to bring you back her.” I gave a little laugh but I could already feel my cock starting to tingle and thicken. “I’m not sure about that foreskin though. I much prefer the bare look” She looked up at me over the top of her sunnies. “Would you like to show to me your bare look?” I hesitated for a moment. Carol beckoned me towards her. A couple of steps later I found myself standing next to the lounger. Reaching up she grasped my penis firmly at the base and with her other hand she slipped my foreskin back over the head. My soft purple head bulged and glistened in the sun.”Umm just as I thought. You really have a beauty there David. I’d like to see it on display all the time. Have you ever thought about getting circumcised? “Never” I said. “It’s not something we do in the UK” Carol smiled “I know David but you’re living in Australia now. I think if you’re going to stay we’ll have to do something about making this look permanent”. With that she slipped my foreskin back over the glans or rather tried to. I was rapidly becoming erect in her hand and my foreskin was having trouble making it past the engorged rim of my cock head. She looked up at me and smiled and brushed her blonde hair back behind her ear and engulfed my swollen head in her mouth. Pulling down my foreskin as hard as she could, she wriggled her tongue into my slit and sucked hard. That was it. With a deep groan I unloaded into her mouth. She didn’t spill a drop .My legs felt weak and my knees were shaking. I pulled my limp cock from her mouth. She licked her lips and looked up at me. “That did taste good David. I know Megan won’t mind she knows I like to experience a cock in it’s natural state every now and then” I was speechless as the realisation of what had just happened hit me. Carol licked her lips and settled back into her lounger to catch some sun.

My head was spinning with what had just happened and it was difficult to concentrate on my book until Megan and her father returned. After a beautiful lunch we all headed out to the pool. Lying on the loungers we all enjoyed the afternoon sun. It was hot and Megan asked me to go inside and fetch a jug of freshly squeezed juice from the fridge. When I returned Megan and her parents were deep in conversation that ceased as I approached. After pouring everyone a drink, Carol said, “I understand you and Megan are intending to get married”. “Well we have talked about it but nothing’s been decided” I said. Carol looked at Paul and then Megan before turning to me. “David, we would love to welcome you into our family but”, and with that she reached out and grabbed foreskin, “ I am afraid that I cannot permit you to remain uncircumcised and be my son in law. If you and Megan want to be together this will have to go”. I was silent for a moment stunned by what she had just said. I turned to Megan who smiled at me. “Mum is a very experienced circumciser. She has worked at the local hospital for many years and she will do a beautiful job. Turning to her father she took his cock in her hand. “I’ve always loved Dad’s cock and I want yours to look the same”. Paul looked at me and nodded. “She’ll do a great job mate and then I can promise you she’ll pleasure you in every way a woman can. If she’s half as good as her Mum you’ll be in for a hell of a ride” With that we all laughed for a moment. “So David are you prepared to let me circumcise you? Will you let your mother in law cut off your foreskin? I think that your cock has already made up it’s mind”. I looked down at my cock which was already at half mast and thickening quickly. My swollen purple glans already half visible under my tightly stretched foreskin. The thought of being cut by Carol was quite a turn on and the fact that Megan wanted me cut made me realise I could only agree. “OK” I said weakly. “That’s wonderful,” said Carol getting up out of her chair and embracing me. I could feel her hard nipples pushing into my chest. As we embraced she took my hand and pushed it between her legs. Her labia were swollen and wet and my fingers slipped into her easily. “See how excited I am,” she whispered. “Mum leave him alone. You’re going to circumcise him for me isn’t that enough” laughed Megan. “I know dear. I just wanted him to know how much I’m going to enjoy it”. “When are you going to do it?” I asked. “Soon” said Carol. “Be patient and I’ll soon have you stripped back like a real man should be”. The next few days went by in a blur with no mention of my upcoming circumcision and I began to realise that this might just be a joke that everyone but me was a part of.

The following Saturday I grabbed my board and headed down to the coast for a day of perfect waves returning late in the day, grabbing a quick bite to eat and crashing into bed. I was asleep almost before my head hit the pillow. After my exertions the previous day I slept in later than usual waking around 9.30 according to the clock on the bedside table. Megan, of course, was already up and I lay there in the morning sun listening to the lorikeets making a racket in the tree outside.

The bedroom door slowly opened and Megan came in wearing a short white negligee that barely contained her breasts. Her large brown areola strained at the fabric and her long thick labia were hanging down in full view below the hem. Bending down she wrapped her hand around my thickening shaft and pushed my foreskin up towards the head, then she slowly brought her mouth down to my generous overhang and sucked my foreskin into her mouth rolling it around with her tongue. She looked up at me and smiled then letting go she retracted the foreskin as far as it would go, my glans was a dark purple and bulging. Her mouth closed around it for a few seconds before she stood up and said “That’s how it’s going to be forever darling. I want you to know how much I appreciate your generous gift. It has been my dream to find a gorgeous man prepared to sacrifice his foreskin to be my lover and partner for ever”. She held out her hand then smiled at me and said “It’s time”.

As I stepped out into the bright sunshine I realised there was to be an audience. I didn’t know any of them but I knew they must be nudist friends of the family.

All of them sported deep dark tans without any hint of tan lines. Each of the three women, although different in height and body shape sported thick growths of pubic hair from which hung their labia pierced with golden rings. Standing beside them were their husbands their shaven oiled genitals a contrast to their wives natural growths. Each of them tightly circumcised, their large plum headed cocks thickening with every passing moment. Carol introduced all the women by name and then taking each man’s cock in her hand she stretched them out towards her, their circumcised heads swollen by the pressure from her thumb and forefinger. That was how I met Rod, Gary and Joe. “I want you to know that I personally circumcised each of these men before marriage and they and their wives are very happy with the results. Isn’t that so girls?” “Oh Yes” the girls chorused. I realised that I was now about to parted from my foreskin forever. My future mother-in-law was about to circumcise me in front of my bride to be and an audience.

Carol stood behind a small table over which a white sheet had been draped to cover the objects beneath. I couldn’t make out what they were but they were several of them. Welcome David she said I’m so pleased that you have decided to join our family. I want you to know that we all respect and appreciate the sacrifice you are about to make to join us. As you can see every man here has made the same sacrifice and both they and their wives have benefited from it. With that she turned and taking Paul’s thickening penis in her hand she slowly pulled it away from his body before turning it over to reveal a smooth underside, the frenulum neatly sliced away.
Megan turned to me and said, "I prefer a circumcision to be very complete. That is how Mum does them" "Yes I do," Carol answered, "I even take the frenum off -- that's the little string underneath the head; and the scar will be at least halfway back on the shaft. There won't be a speck of skin left on your cock when I’m finished!" Caro ordered me to get up on the surgical table that stood next to the pool. She strapped down my torso and arms. Then, she took each of my feet and strapped them into the extended stirrups, so that my legs were splayed out as far as they could go. Next, she began to shave me before Megan stepped forward and took the razor from her mother’s hand. “I’ll do that Mum” she said taking the razor to my balls. My erection was massive, and pre-cum dribbled from my cockhead like a leaking tap. Jill asked Carol if she would use a local anesthetic. "Absolutely not!" said Carol. "I want him to fully appreciate the sacrifice he is making.
Carol donned thin rubber gloves and started massaging my penis with antiseptic. My erection got even larger. As she pulled back the foreskin and rubbed the glans, I suddenly erupted in a massive ejaculation. Gout after gout of thick, white semen shot into the air. The women were fascinated. My belly and thighs were wet with the thick semen. The women glanced at each other and smiled.
Carol brought her instruments over to a stand, and placed them on the tray. Then she sat down, in between my legs. The skin on my shaft was tight and shiny and I could see that Carol was going to give me the highest and tightest cut she could.

As my future mother-in-law turned back towards me I could see a thin trail of juice trickling down the inside of her thigh. Looking up I saw her areola had wrinkled, her nipples jutted out as thick as my thumb. She was obviously very aroused.

She took up a blunt-pointed scissors, grasped my foreskin in her left thumb and index finger, introduced one blade of the scissors lengthwise under the foreskin, with the other blade outside and on top, and sqeezed the scissors handles. I drew in my breath sharply as the scissors cut lengthwise up the length of his foreskin, splitting it in two.She turned to Megan who stepped forwards and took the clamp in her hand pulling my foreskin up tight. She looked towards her mother, before bending down and gently kissing my doomed foreskin. She looked up and our eyes met and she mouthed the words ‘I love you”. With that Carol brought the blade to my cock and quickly drew it around below the clamp.

As the scalpel parted my foreskin from my cock I heard a groan to my right. Turning my head I saw the first thick rope of creamy cum spurt from Gary’s erect cock as Jill kneeling before him furiously jacked her hand up and down his rigid tool. Joe was the next to lose his load as Debbie bending forward in front of him reached through here legs to make sure he squirted all over her bum. Kylie, knowing her man was close, bent down and took his swollen and purple head into her mouth just in time as Rod’s hips bucked and shot his first load down her throat.

Once the initial cut had been made she kept cutting until the cut extended well down the shaft. Then she started to cut around the circumference of the shaft. All the while, my teeth were clenched and I felt like I was going to crush Megan’s hand which was in mine. Then, she delicately cut the frenum, removing it completely. She finished the job by stitching all around, and also in the frenum area.

I turned back to face Carol who was holding my foreskin between her fingers. Paul was standing behind her She turned around, her breasts hanging heavy and low, the nipples thick and erect. “Put that big circumcised bell end in me now”. Paul took hold of his thick cock and eased it up into her pussy. It only took a couple of thrusts before she came, her hips bucking as wave after wave of orgasm shudder through her. Megan was standing her knees bent. With one hand she held her shaven labia wide open, her index finger on the other hand sawing back and forth across her swollen clitoris.

Carol held my foreskin up for all to see. It was a large piece of thick skin about 3 inches by 5. I looked down to my cock. The clamp was still in place with only a small amount of thick dark blood oozing from the cut. My glans was swollen and glistening, freed of the foreskin that had covered it for the last twenty-six years.

My head was spinning but surprisingly my cock had only a slight burning sensation. It wasn’t anywhere near as painful as I’d imagined. Megan helped me to my feet. Carol placed a bandage firmly around the cut and then kissed me gently on the lips “Welcome to the family” she said. “Thanks” I murmured weakly. In the days that followed Megan cared for my every need: food, drink was always at hand. It was on about the fourth day as she brought me a drink at the poolside that I noticed a dark growth around her cunt. “You haven’t shaved,” I said. “No” she said. “You have sacrificed your foreskin for me and proved your manhood. Now you deserve a real woman as your wife. I shall only only trim my bikini line from now on and it will be my pleasure to shave you each and every day.

BBQs around the pool happen pretty much every weekend. and Carol always introduces me to any new guests by telling them how I took her daughter but she took my foreskin. To this day there is my foreskin tanned and stretched and ever so beautifully framed hanging behind the bar. We’re quite a group: all the men shaved and circumcised, our plum headed cocks a silent witness to the desire of our wives for a clean cut cock. Each of our wives in return sporting pierced labia to show that they belong to us and us only. I missed last weeks gathering but Carol told me that their youngest daughter Allyson brought her new boyfriend with her, a young blond surfer boy from the coast. Fit, athletic and very definitely uncircumcised. If only he knew the price he’ll have to pay to get into Allyson’s pussy on a regular basis.

Today Megan and I live in a cottage in the grounds of Paul and Carol’s house. We’re all nude pretty much every day. Megan now sports a thick dark bush like her mother, her labia pierced with the rings I gave her. Rod and I have said goodbye to our foreskins forever to please the women we love. Every morning when we take our morning swim we always take a moment to glance at each other’s thick cocks, our glans flared and proud. Both of us cut by Carol the Circumciser.

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