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A Dark Rose Blooms Part 1

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Re: A Dark Rose Blooms Part 1

Postby uncut28 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 4:18 am

Thanks for all the positive feedback! GemIt, I'm also using VPNs to get on here now. I don't know why it won't let me otherwise but I get the same webpage and captcha problem as you. I guess it can't be helped. Thanks for maintaining the site in any case.
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Re: A Dark Rose Blooms Part 1

Postby snoman » Fri Jun 01, 2018 9:13 am

Someone should send this whole thing to Kaidence King, ask her to find a fella and film for us!
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Re: A Dark Rose Blooms Part 1

Postby hardware » Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:57 pm

That would be a full-length feature...
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Re: A Dark Rose Blooms Part 1

Postby uncut28 » Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:55 am

We settled on a private circumcision clinic not too far from London. After a brief consultation where Rose and I outlined to the doctor what result we wanted we booked the surgery for three weeks afterwards. The friendly doctor — a good-looking 30-something man with dark hair and warm eyes — was easy to talk to and seemed very understanding about what we wanted for the end product. “I have more and more couples coming in to ask about this procedure,” he said to us breezily, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to have your genitals surgically altered for someone else’s sexual pleasure. I certainly felt awkward pushing for what was essentially a cosmetic surgery to please my girlfriend. “It’s not at all unusual, and I always hear that both parties are very happy with the results.”
“I’m sure we will be too,” Rose said meaningfully. I was embarrassed she would say it like that, but felt in the pit of my stomach that she was right.
Strangely, throughout the consultation I got the feeling the doctor was addressing Rose with questions and information more than me. “You’re sure you want it as tight as I can make it?” he said, looking at her. Rose nodded firmly. “That’s a popular choice, though the downsides are it makes masturbation and sex radically different from what he’s now used to.”
“I know,” Rose said. “We’ve discussed it. It’s what we both want.”
“And the examination showed his frenulum is somewhat tight. I would recommend having it excised during the operation,” the doctor continued, still focusing on Rose, but offering a cursory glance in my direction.
“That’s fine. We both want his frenulum removed anyhow,” she said. There was something callous, almost businesslike about her manner and tone.
“The only problem is I’ve observed both the erect and flaccid size of his penis. There’s quite a size differential. What this means for the style of circumcision I can offer is that there will need to be some loose skin when he’s flaccid, but this will tighten right up as soon as erection occurs.”
Rose looked put out. “Oh, that doesn’t sound good,” she said. “So there will be some foreskin coverage when he’s flaccid after all?”
The doctor laughed. “No, the foreskin will be completely removed and the glans will always be uncovered even when he’s flaccid. All I meant was that there will be some loose skin on the flaccid penis, which will likely bunch somewhat behind the corona. But it won’t be enough to cover the glans on its own.”
“Ah alright,” said Rose. “I was worried for a moment.”
Everything was set. During the consultation the doctor informed us he would be circumcising me freehand. Rose briefly pushed him on that, suggesting that ‘we’ would prefer some kind of clamp be used. She said she had heard a Gomco clamp was a good choice. But the doctor insisted that that method was preferable for infant circumcisions and not the ideal option for adults. She looked disappointed at this but agreed we had best leave the details to him.
When we got home Rose told me she was so excited by the thought of me finally getting circumcised that she could feel her panties getting wet in the consultation room. I told her that I had also got quite turned on hearing her talk so assertively with the doctor about how she wanted me cut. Of course, before long we ended up fooling around. Dirty talk about my upcoming circumcision fuelled another long lovemaking session.
Over those three weeks leading up to the operation our sex life was explosive. Rose said we needed to make the most of it because after the operation I would be out of action for quite some time as it healed. Every time we had sex she would initiate things by talking about circumcision, telling me how she couldn’t wait to see how it turned out, how she was thinking all the time about that moment I would first penetrate her with my freshly circumcised penis and newly bared head. She insisted on giving me handjobs where she kept my foreskin back tightly and massaged my glans with a lubed hand. “Imagine how good it will feel in a few weeks when I can do this without having to pretend your foreskin is gone,” she said. “Oh! I can’t wait to see how tight it is.”
The day finally arrived and Rose drove me to the clinic. She was disappointed not to be allowed to watch the procedure (“So many woman ask to see the operation,” the doctor told her. “I don’t understand why it’s so interesting to them.”) but accepted it and went to sit in the waiting room instead. The whole thing didn’t take very long, and I didn’t feel much after the anaesthetic injection except for some ghostly tugging. I just wanted the operation and the healing to be over as soon as possible so I could finally please her with my new penis.
Rose hugged me tightly and gave me a tender kiss as soon as I saw her after the operation. “I’m so happy you did this for me,” she said. “As soon as I can, you know… I’ll show you how much I appreciate it.” She said with that sly look on her face. If I hadn’t been completely numb below the belt I’m sure that comment would have provoked a powerful erection.
As she was driving me home she was struggling to contain her happiness and excitement. A broad smile was never far from her face. “I want to see it, but I know it’s all bandaged up for now. That’s a shame,” she said. “I’m so excited to go through this whole experience with you. I almost wish it was me… Isn’t that strange?”
“Not so much,” I told her. “It’s clear how much it means to you. I’m so excited to share it with you too.” I stroked her thigh.
“I’ve got a confession to make,” she said in a small voice, but playfully. “A dirty confession.”
“Hmmm you can confess to me,” I said. “But I can’t promise you won’t get punished. You know, if it’s something really naughty.”
“It is,” she smirked. “I was so disappointed about not being to watch them circumcise you. I couldn’t sleep last night because thinking about seeing them cut off your foreskin was making me just so, so horny. And then they wouldn’t let me see you getting done. But I still couldn’t stop thinking about it, imagining it… So I went to the ladies’ bathroom and — I really couldn’t help myself — I masturbated, thinking about what they were doing to you right then as I was touching myself, right at that moment. How they were just across the hall, circumcising my boyfriend. I came five times in there thinking about that.”
“Five times?” I said in amazement. “You are such a dirty circumcision slut, aren’t you?”
“I really am. I really need my…” she paused and looked at me out of the corner of her eyes. “Circumcised boyfriend to satisfy me. Then I won’t do such naughty things again.”
“Maybe your circumcised boyfriend doesn’t want you to stop doing those naughty things,” I said, squeezing her thigh.
“Well my circumcised boyfriend should satisfy me anyway,” she said.
“Oh, he will.”

I was aching to satisfy Rose — aching in more ways than one. That meant we had to take things slowly as I healed. When the bandages came off there was still so much swelling and bruising that it was impossible to tell how the circumcision had turned out. Eventually the stitches fell out and the swelling calmed down. I returned to work and slowly got used to the new sensation of my exposed glans rubbing on my underwear.
Rose was fascinated with all of this. Every evening after I got home she probed me about how things felt. She wanted to know what the feeling of my new, bare head was like. I told her: distracting, but a nice reminder of what I had done for her. This made her smile. “I wish I could fuck you right now for saying that,” she said.
My verbal reports weren’t enough. She wanted to see how my penis was progressing each night. One evening during the second week after the operation she asked to see how I was doing. I was happy to oblige her, of course, and stripped down to let her get close to my cock. She admired it and tugged at it gently with one hand, brushing the head lightly. “Hey, the skin on your dick head is getting so dry. And — it’s starting to peel off!” She sounded very excited. “That means it’s starting to toughen up. That means you’re really starting to get the full circumcised experience. Do you think your glans is starting to flare out yet?” I told her I didn’t think so, and she looked disappointed.
With no sex or sexual release I was starting to become uncontrollably horny. At night I would lie next to Rose and feel the heat of her body, or the curve of her hips and bum against me, and my cock would stiffen into a raging erection. For the first couple of weeks after the operation the discomfort of these erections outweighed the feeling of arousal, but soon I was far enough into healing that I just felt turned on.
One night my arousal was driving me crazy. For the first time, without the distracting discomfort, I noticed how tight my hard cock felt. It must have been the effect of the tight circumcision Rose insisted on, I thought. I flicked on the lamp and flipped down the bedclothes so I could get a good look at my penis. It was certainly a very tight circumcision. I was so hard it felt like my cock was going to tear, and the skin on the shaft was drawn taut on my erection in a way that even the hair ties trick hadn’t come close to emulating. The veins stood out on the shaft, and the head — noticeably drier and rougher since the skin had peeled off a few days before — stood out angrily, begging to be touched. The scar was not yet fully healed, but it was clear the doctor had been true to his word. The thin red line ran in a circle around my shaft at least an inch and a half behind the rim of my head. The skin changed colour from white-tan to pink beyond that scar. Precum started to glisten on the tip of my cock and I ran my finger along the shaft, starting at the base and moving slowly towards the tip. I shivered in pleasure as my fingertip brushed the scar and then traced along the tightly stretched inner skin — what used to be my foreskin, I thought with a twinge of excitement. My pelvic muscles clenched involuntarily as the electric charge of pleasure from my fingertip touching the rim of my exposed glans spread through my body. I looked closer at myself. Maybe the glans was flaring after all?
Just then Rose turned over sleepily to look at me. The involuntary moan from brushing my exposed corona must have stirred her. “Baby, are you alright?” She said, just before noticing what I was doing. “Oh! You are alright.”
“I couldn’t sleep.”
“I can see why. Is that thing making you uncomfortable?”
“Hmm sort of,” I said coyly, rubbing my bare glans with one hand and her cheek with the other. “It’s just so tight. And I’m so horny. I can’t take it.” I moved my hand down to her naked breasts, gently brushing her hardening nipples with my fingers. She shifted towards me in the bed and brushed her soft thigh against me.
“It looks like things are healing pretty well. Do you think it’s time to… try it out?” I nodded. She groaned with pleasure. “Oh baby, I’ve been dreaming about making your circumcised cock come for the first time. It’s going to be so special.”
“We can’t have sex though,” I told her sadly. “Not yet anyway. But I think I might die if you don’t give me some release right now.”
Rose grabbed the bottle of lube from the bedside table and dribbled some on her hand and some on my cock. She gently massaged it into the head in circular motions. “You’ll have to tell me how you like it — now that you’re a circumcised man,” she said breathily, nibbling my ear.
“That… feels indescribably good,” I told her. It was true: after so long without an orgasm I was ready to explode just at her touch. “Just… focus on my head and the skin just below it. The scar is tender still.”
She massaged my glans between just her thumb and forefinger, twisting up and down. When she touched the corona I couldn’t help but moan. After less than a minute of this my whole body tensed up and she quickened her strokes on my glans. With that a fountain of come shot out of the end of my penis with such force it hit the wall above the bed. Rose could only giggle in amazement.
“What a good boy, shooting so far with your circumcised dick for the first time,” she said, caressing my face. “You needed that, didn’t you? Going so long without an orgasm.”
I curled up to her in contentment. “I definitely needed that. I can’t wait to make you come with it.”

I didn’t have to wait too much longer. By then things had healed up enough that I could fully appreciate what my new penis was like. When soft my glans was totally exposed, though there was a little cuff of foreskin remnant bunched just at the rim of the head. I could just about roll the skin a centimetre or so over the glans, but as soon as I let go it would spring back into place behind the head. The pale scar line rested right against my corona. It looked very much like my uncircumcised penis looked soft with the foreskin pulled back, except there was no way to force the skin back over the head anymore. This thought excited me immensely. The other change was the glans itself. When I had a foreskin my glans was a dark purple colour and always looked moist and shiny. In the few weeks since I had been circumcised the glans had dried out considerably and started to become a paler pink colour. Since the peeling incident that had so excited Rose I thought my glans was starting to look a little rougher than before.
While there was some loose skin on my shaft when soft there was almost none at all when I got hard. The doctor had been right: as my penis grew from 2 inches when soft to over 6 inches when hard it needed some loose skin to grow into. It was already tight enough when hard; I couldn’t imagine being any more tightly circumcised. As soon as an erection started to build, the little cuff of foreskin remnant would retreat down my shaft, pulling away immediately from the corona. Even at half mast there was a gap of about an inch between the corona and the scar. When fully erect there was only a little give in the shaft skin — absolutely no hope of touching the corona with what was left of my foreskin anymore, even with a strong grip and a lot of force to pull the skin up. This excited me a lot, but was even more intoxicating for Rose. In those early days she loved to try and force the skin over my glans when I was soft and then release it to spring back into place behind my flaring corona. Then, when I was fully hard, she would try and work the shaft skin. “They circumcised you so tightly, didn’t they? Look, I can’t get the skin anywhere near your poor, exposed dick head. And your scar is so far down your shaft. Poor baby.”
Rose and I spent a lot of time enjoying and exploring the new sensations, but what we both wanted was to have sex for the first time with my circumcised penis. Instead, I would spend hours going down on her or rubbing her clit and fingering her tight, wet pussy. Sometimes she would get herself off when rubbing my cock with her lubed hand, her eyes devouring my new tool. “Wanking your circumcised dick is hypnotic,” she told me.
Then, almost five weeks after the operation, the day arrived when we could finally satisfy ourselves. “I think I’m ready, it’s been long enough and everything feels really good,” I told her one evening. “Come to bed with me.” She looked up at me hungrily from her reading, took my hand and I led her to the bedroom. We kissed passionately, deeply and slowly at first, but before long we were tearing each other’s clothes off. She stripped me naked and threw me down onto the bed. Rose was completely naked too, and with her standing over me like she was I could drink in her slim beauty: the roll of her hips, the sheen of her slim and freshly waxed legs, the deviant declivity from her taut belly that ended in fragrant black pubic hair. “I’ve never wanted to fuck you so badly as I do now,” I told her.
Rose got on the bed and took my cock in one hand. She bent over me and traced her tongue along the back of my shaft, pausing just before she reached the light ring encircling it. “Your circumcision scar is so fucking sexy,” she gasped. “I can’t wait for you to slide it into my tight little cunt.” Then she followed the scar with her tongue around the circumference of my shaft, making my toes curl. Her hot velvety mouth completely engulfed my glans, her tongue lapping at where my frenulum used to be. The sensation of her pillowy lips sliding first down over the corona and then to the scar, and then back up over the inner foreskin and the head was wonderful. But I longed to feel her tight cunt make the same journey.
“You’re driving me crazy,” I told her as she greedily slurped on my cock. “It feels amazing.”
“Different to being uncircumcised?” she paused long enough to ask me.
“Yes, yes… so much,” I had trouble gathering coherent thoughts. “Much more intense, more primal. And…”
“You can do it harder,” I suggested.
“Mmm yes, of course. Your glans is toughening so you’ll need that now, won’t you? Like a real circumcised man.” She gripped me more firmly in her mouth and started to suck me harder. I moaned in appreciation. It briefly flashed into my mind that this was why her blowjob technique was so intense for me when we first started dating: her previous boyfriends had both been circumcised. And then I thought of her pussy being fucked by those other bare, brutal circumcised cocks. I imagined her in ecstasy, on her back as some anonymous circumcised American — who never knew any different than his high and tight, rough-headed cock — fucked her barbarically. She’d lost her virginity that way, had learned how to have sex with men who had no choice but to fuck her that way and thought it was completely natural — they couldn’t imagine otherwise. No wonder she craved that feeling again, and wanted to have my cock just like those of the men who’d shown her how.
“Fuck, I need you,” I growled. I sat up and she obediently let me grab her and push her down on the bed. Rose bit her lip and had a filthy smile on her face as I pulled her ass towards me and then spread her legs. Her pussy was glistening with the promise of an end to weeks of painful celibacy. Those delicate pink labia parted for me, inviting me inside her. “Oh my god, Rose, I need to feel your tight cunt so badly,” I moaned.
She looked up at me provocatively. “Please fuck me,” she said breathily. “I need you to fuck me. Fuck me so hard with that hot, circumcised, bare-headed dick. I want to feel your big, bare head in my tight cunt. Please. Fuck me and don’t stop till you explode inside me. Fill me up. I want to feel your sexy, tight, circumcised penis come deep in my cunt.”
With an ecstatic moan I plunged my throbbing cock inside her. My erection was so tight I thought it might burst, or that I might come instantly just from penetrating her. But I didn’t. I savoured Rose’s hot flesh glide silkily over my engorged glans, and then consume the sensitive inner skin stretched tightly over my shaft. My body jolted with pleasure as her tight pussy lips squeezed and rubbed my scar line. Rose moaned and clawed at my back, one hand creeping down to my hips and trying to push me deeper inside her.
“Oh fuuuck,” she gasped. “Your circumcised cock feels so good. You’re so fucking hard inside me. It feels so tight. So much tighter than before. I love it.”
As I started to thrust inside her my eyes were rolling in my head from the intensity of her pussy rubbing on my bare head. “I’m so glad you got circumcised for me,” she cried weakly as I pounded her harder. Without my foreskin the sensations on my cock were somehow magnified, deeper. Primal desire resonated through my body with every outstroke as I felt my bared corona rub against her vaginal walls.
A powerful fire and tightness, like a white heat, began to build inside me. Rose was almost screaming now, her head twisting this way and that, her hands grabbing at whatever they could get to: scratching my back, scrunching up bedclothes, blindly tugging at my hair. Some irresistible force from deep within compelled me to keep thrusting harder and harder inside her, and the sensation all along the end of my cock — right from the head to my circumcision scar — was becoming unbearable. It was making me crazy with primal lust. I pressed her down harder, holding her in place so I could rub my newly circumcised cock inside her in just the right way, each thrust slapping into her body with a brutal shock reverberating through her trembling thighs and breasts. The image of the anonymous American, pounding her mercilessly into a crumpled, sweaty heap just so he could rub his rough, circumcised cock off in her pussy came into my mind. I was the same as that imagined man now. My circumcised cock was buried deep in Rose’s sopping wet cunt, each thrust stimulating parts of it drawn tight and held in place in ways they should never have been, ways that were completely unnatural. But it felt amazing. Each stronger thrust brought the white force building inside me closer to bursting point. The pursuit of releasing that fire consumed me. My only thought was to thrust, to fuck, to rub my bared cock head and my electric circumcision scar off in this beautiful, deviant circumcision slut who had wanted me to get that operation for her. And then the white heat consumed me, focused through my pulsating cock — which was enflamed with sensations I had never imagined possible as an uncircumcised man — thrusting deeper and harder into Rose’s hungry cunt. My scar line and the tight inner skin felt like they were glowing from the sheer force of pleasure — new sensations, I thought, only unlocked through my being circumcised.
I yelled as I came in her, my whole body convulsing powerfully. At the same moment she let out a guttural shriek and her tiny body quivered against me, her arms and legs tightening around me, practically pulling me deeper into her. We bucked against each other, blinded and completely disoriented in that moment by the overwhelming release. We locked hungry mouths. A few last, desperate thrusts — it wasn’t me, but some more powerful force within me which compelled them — and we lay in silence, save for our exhausted panting.
I held Rose and felt her little body tremble against me. Minutes passed without either of us saying anything. Eventually she spoke. “Wow,” she said, looking deeply into my eyes. “I didn’t expect that. It was amazing.”
I brushed her cheek and smiled at her tenderly. “It was. The best orgasm I ever had was when I came inside you the first time after I got circumcised.”
We kissed deeply. “And I’m so happy you did,” she beamed.

Our sex life was electric again. Rose was delighted that I could make love to her as many times as we wanted each night, with no pain or problems like there used to be. We would often work role play or dirty talk around circumcision into our regular routine. She loved trying to cover my glans with what little skin I had left — and delighted in always failing. “No, you’re far too tightly circumcised now for that, aren’t you?” She would say. Sometimes we would role play that I had just been circumcised recently, and was completely clueless about how to use my new penis. “What a silly boy,” she would say. “You’re trying to wank like you’re not circumcised. You don’t have any loose skin anymore. You have to go get your lube if you want to do that.”
Those games always ended in primal, savage fucking. That seemed to be all I wanted now. It was certainly the best way to stimulate my circumcised penis. Rose seemed to love it too. Every time she would claw and scratch me in the throes of a trembling orgasm. On occasion we would just talk about circumcision, or look through web pages with pictures and descriptions of the different kinds of procedure, or the different experiences of men who got circumcised. We would talk and browse those sites sometimes for hours at a time, touching ourselves and each other. I loved watching her masturbate to videos of men being circumcised, or anything else related to it.
Over time my glans got more and more roughened from constant exposure. The colour dulled to a very light pink where once it had been a dark reddish-purple. Eventually I grew to love the velvet touch of her unlubed hands on my dry glans and inner skin. Rose loved giving me handjobs that way too. It seemed so wrong, she said, that she could get me off just with short quick strokes on my dry glans. When she focused on the corona it didn’t take her long to make me come. “I think it really is flaring,” she told me. I had to agree. After almost a year of exposure the sensation on my glans had completely changed from before I was circumcised, and the corona had started to grow more pronounced. It seemed to have gradually expanded from a little lip to an angry-looking ridge. “This flared ridge is what I feel on my G-spot,” Rose told me, rubbing it lovingly.
Of course, things became very serious between us. The circumcision experience brought us much closer together. I felt like I never wanted to sleep with any woman other than the one who convinced me to get circumcised for her. We also started to discuss starting a family more seriously. “What if we have a son?” I said to her during one such discussion. “Would we get him done too?”
“Done? You mean circumcised?” she said. “I think you know there’s no question. I would want him to be circumcised, just like his daddy is. Like father like son: fully circumcised. And any son I have is going to have a proper high and tight circumcision. We never got to do it with you, but I would want him done with a Gomco clamp too. You know it’s my favourite.”
It was true — when we spent nights surfing the internet and reading about circumcision Rose was always talking about Gomco clamps. I knew she was very aroused by the brown ring scar they left on boys. She never said so, but I’m certain she wished I had a scar like that rather than the pale ring separating the two skin tones on my shaft. “My second boyfriend had a very pronounced brown ring around his cock,” she told me once. “It was always fascinated me — and now I know what it was.”
We don’t have any plans for children yet. But we have planned something else. “You went through so much for me, gave up so much sensitivity for me, darling,” she said one weekend. “So I’ve been thinking. I want to do the same for you.”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“I want to get circumcised too. For you. If you would like. I mean: have my clit hood removed. Then my little head will be permanently exposed — just like yours is now.”
The idea did appeal to me. “That’s a beautiful thought — so symmetrical,” I told her. “We’d have matching genitals then, both surgically modified for each other — for more pleasure.”
“Mmm yea that’s what I was thinking,” she said.
“I guess we should do some research… If we don’t get too distracted while doing it,” I said slyly.
“Yes, let’s. But right now all I can think about is how sexy it would be for you to rub your permanently exposed cock head on my forever-bared clit,” she said, gently cupping my balls.
After Rose gets circumcised for me we have it all planned out: we’re going to consummate our relationship properly, as fully circumcised lovers. Not like nature intended: better.
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Re: A Dark Rose Blooms Part 1

Postby uncut28 » Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:55 am

Completed! Hope you all enjoyed. It was a labour of love on my part.
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Re: A Dark Rose Blooms Part 1

Postby Frecklover » Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:51 am

Loved it! Want to hear about her getting her hood removed now! Designer vagina for a designer cock! So aspirationally sexy!
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Re: A Dark Rose Blooms Part 1

Postby JakePeters » Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:10 pm

uncut28 wrote:Completed! Hope you all enjoyed. It was a labour of love on my part.

10/10. You have a knack for detail and you worded every part beautifully! :P

You must have been aroused as fuck when you were writing it.

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Re: A Dark Rose Blooms Part 1

Postby uncut28 » Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:31 pm

Thanks Jake. Yes, I definitely was quite turned on writing the whole thing... I hope it brought you all as much pleasure as it did me ;)
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Re: A Dark Rose Blooms Part 1

Postby vanisl20 » Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:30 am

Amazing end to the story, uncut28. I appreciate your detail on the circumcision style and the changes to your main characters "family jewels" ;)
Too bad it's over!!
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Re: A Dark Rose Blooms Part 1

Postby jill8 » Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:43 am

Lovely writing. Her desire to get her clitoris hood removed resonated with me intensely. It is only natural I think that a woman who appreciates an exposed glans in a man wants to have as much excess skin on her vulva removed and for it to be neat and clean without any bunched up rolls of skin. The hood is as obstructive, ugly and unhygienic as a man's foreskin.
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