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Maggie - Pt 3

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Maggie - Pt 3

Postby hardware » Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:52 pm

Maggie – Pt 3

We stepped out of the tub and Maggie handed me a soft white towel from a rack. It was warm. She grabbed one herself and we both began wiping the hot water from our bodies. She walked to me and gave me a deep French kiss.

“Dry my back.”

She turned and I began gently rubbing the towel over her back. I looked at her in the dim light. Her skin was pale, almost milky, with no tan lines on her arms or neck. I jokingly called it ‘Northwest-Pasty’, but on her it was a beautiful contrast to her brown hair, and it was soft and smooth. I ran a toweled hand over the curve of her ass, then into her crack and up.

“Turn around and I’ll do you now.”

I turned and she began wiping by back. She worked her way down and I felt a toweled hand engulf my testicles. My erection which had subsided in the hot bath began to return. She rose and smiled again. Taking my penis in her hand, she led me to her bedroom. It was lit similarly to her bathroom, with candles.

“I want a better look at this!” she said as she laid me down on her bed. She lay down beside me, her head propped on one hand by my erection, and grasped it with her other hand and began to examine it.

“It really is beautiful. You have such a nice round head. I love the scar line down where it is – the two-tone really accentuates the cut to me. It’s like ‘there can be no doubt!' And you are really tight! There’s almost no movement in the skin at all.”

“Yeah, I’ll be honest – I was a little nervous about the tightness when it was done. I discussed that with the urologist. When I saw him, I asked if he could do a loose circumcision, but he said since I was having issues with balanitis and that was caused by warm, moist areas, he recommended going tight to minimize the chance of recurrence. During the healing, it was uncomfortable and took some getting used to, but after about 3 months, everything had settled out to how it is now.”

Still looking at it, she moved her left hand down to the base of my shaft, and began running the tip of her tongue around my glans; small circles, reaching my corona again; then around my sulcus and up where my frenulum had been. She then slowly, almost reverently engulfed my head in her warm, wet mouth. Holding it there for what seemed like minutes, she slowly lowered her lips until the touched her hand, where she again held. I lay back with my eyes closed savoring the sensation. She finally began moving back up my shaft, millimeter by millimeter, until her lips were just on my meatus, then she began moving slowly downward again. Opening my eyes, I decided that I should enjoy her as well.

“Don’t move your mouth, but I want to shift you a bit so that I can get between your legs!”

We squirmed a bit until we had move to a side sixty-nine, and she parted her creamy thighs. As I moved my head toward her, I could smell her sweetness before my mouth touched her. She was drenched. Starting with the tip of my tongue on her swollen clit, I gently licked her, moving deeper into her slit. I could hear a muffled
“Mmmmmmm” from her full mouth. I could tell she was enjoying it, as her slow, deliberate rhythm became choppy – speeding up; then stopping as she pressed her pelvis into my face. After spending some time edging around her labia, I focused on her clit – as I circled it with my tongue, she actually came off of my cock with an “Oooohhhhh.” Thinking that turnabout was fair play, I locked my lips around her clit and began slowly sucking and releasing. Her body tensed, and she momentarily lost interest in my penis and her hand moved to the back of my head pressing it harder into her sopping crotch. I increased the speed and strength of my attentions on her clit; her grinding increased in speed and strength until a ragged “Oooohhhhh GOOOOODDDD!!!” burst from her throat and she fell into the throes of her orgasms. Each time I thought she was finished, she tensed and pushed the back of my head again; four; five; six times… Finally she wriggled away.

“Enough! Enough! Enough! I can’t take any more! Your turn!”

She moved me back against her headboard and moved between my legs – her mouth went to work again on my cock as her ice-blue eyes locked with mine. She sucked and licked with more speed and purpose, obviously determined to draw an orgasm out of me equal to the one I’d given her. After a few minutes of her ministrations I felt my own explosion building inside of my glans. My breathing quickened and I began to tense. Maggie could tell what was happening and she paused, her lips tightly sealed against my shaft just below my glans. I began bucking as jets of semen erupted into her mouth – two, then a third. I could see a smile forming in her eyes. A fourth jet, a little weaker. Then a fifth about half the strength of the fourth. When she saw that I was finished, she moved back to covering just the tip of my glans with her pursed lips and swallowed what seemed to me like half a cup of cum with a loud gulp. Her eyes still had never left mine. She had barely even blinked. She slowly and subtly sucked my tip occasionally flicking it with her tongue – determined to leave no cum behind. As my spent cock began to deflate, she laid it on my stomach pointed up at me and smiled. She crawled up an nestled herself under my left arm and looked up at me.

“That was a lot of cum! I mean A LOT! How long has it been for you?”

“Honestly? I jerked off after our date last week. I have to tell you though, the reality far exceeded the fantasy for me.”

She paused and looked at me thoughtfully for a moment.

“Same here. Actually, the reality wasn’t even close. I’ve gotten to the point where my expectation is five inches and foreskin. You are so different. I never expected... I never even dared to hope…” She stared off into space, absently running her index finger up and down the underside of my penis.

To be continued
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Re: Maggie - Pt 3

Postby evadjams » Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:35 am

Love it - especially the line about what she's come to expect living in Portland.

You should publish this to Literotica once you're finished!
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