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Massage and Tuli

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Massage and Tuli

Postby Cufflinks » Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:52 pm

Happy Massage and Tuli

A few months after arriving in Manila, I decided to treat myself to one of the infamous, erotic massages everyone got and never talked about. The city was full of little massage parlours advertising manicure and Ayurveda at the front while probably making most of their money by getting guys off.

That was just what I wanted, without any of the usual brothel mumbo jumbo.

After walking around in one of the quieter areas just off the centre in searing heat for a while, I happened upon a fairly well-kempt looking place with terracotta planters and geraniums out front. I figured it looked respectable enough and stepped inside.

On a blackboard, various offerings were listed; at the bottom, garish writing with pink chalk proclaimed, “Special this month – happy massage with free tuli!”

I had no idea what tuli was, but figured it would be a good add-on, since it was apparently considered something you could do together with the happy massage – which we all know was the best one there is.

Around the corner came the apparent matron, an attractive Filipino lady who might have been in her forties; you can never really guess the age of these people, I find. They always look young.

“I am Cecilia,” she introduced herself, and led me into a massage room. She was wearing a white silk robe with rolled-up sleeves, and her naked feet with lacquered nails were in sandals. Her hair was amazing, curly, black, and shiny. She was tanned and had a nicely curvaceous body, which moved in such a way under the silk layer that it became apparent she was naked underneath. I already caught myself down-blowsing her in my mind, which she noticed with a knowing smile.

“Happy massage for you today then, it seems?” she said with a smile and just a hint of a South African accent, which may have given away that she had lived there once.

I nodded, and she bade me to undress and lie down on one of the massage beds. The room was all white, with bamboo flooring, and a lazy ceiling fan.
First, she began with a manicure, filing down every single one of my finger nails, and toe nails. As she went, her robe gave some nice insights, and my member began to react, which she acknowledged with a benevolent smile. She really had some very nice boobs which I hoped she would show more of eventually.

As she began to apply massage oil to me, her robe’s belt seemed to come undone, and the robe fell open, but she did nothing to correct it. Instead, she tied the robe’s belt ends behind her back and began oiling me up and down with her soft, warm hands. It was part of the show, and I liked what I saw. A nice, smiling, mature lady with a tanned body, trimmed body hair, and large breasts.

Her smile turned into a smirk once her hands reached my penis, which was by now standing straight up. She gripped the base with both hands, and leaned in for a closer look at the tip.

“All stiff now. Good. But a grown man, and no head poking out even now, with Madame Cecilia working magic?” She gave me a wink. “Tuli will fix it,” she said and took my foreskin by its overhang, eyeing it in an appraising sort of way. By now, I was ready to agree to anything, if only she continued with her treatment. While pouring oil on my penis from her little silvery dispensing can, she pulled the foreskin all the way back and immediately began gliding her hands all over the glans.

“I am tuli master,” she said in a soothing voice, and began moving the foreskin backwards and forwards over the glans in long strokes. Would you like free tuli today? I do it so fast, you will not notice. I have done tuli over one thousand times, and always with happy massage. You like?”
Hell yeah... I Iiked. Just get on with it, I thought, and nodded in assent.

She smiled and continued stroking the glans with the skin, making sure it fell into place behind the glans and closed in front of it every time. As I was getting pretty close to orgasming, she gently put a steel clamp at the end of the foreskin, pulled it through with one well-practiced motion until the clamp pushed right up against the tip of the glans, closed it with a barely audible click, and sliced off the overhanging skin in one smooth move.

“Tuli done,” she said, as she supported the end of my penis with the steel clamp on it and stroked my testicles, just a few minutes wait…” I couldn’t believe it. “That’s tuli?” I asked, incredulous. “Yes,” she nodded, “you’ll see, very nice outcome.” I felt no pain at all, but the orgasm kept building as my penis was straining against the clamp, which had pulled the shaft skin tight. She applied surgical glue to the clamped skin edges, glanced at the clock, then opened the clamp. As the shortened skin snapped back behind the glans, she took my naked glans in between her breasts, and I came all over her.

I think now I would have had this done even if it hadn’t been on special.
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Re: Massage and Tuli

Postby vanisl20 » Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:46 pm

Another great story, Cufflinks! Looking forward to more of your writing 8-)
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