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Newbie Training

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Newbie Training

Postby Cufflinks » Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:15 am

This story is a sequel to "At the Penis Gym".

Newbie Training

“Recently circumcised? Free newbie training! Get your Circumcised Penis Driving License (CPDL)! No appointment needed!” the flyer from Kyungeun’s Penis Gym read. I’ve never been able to say no to certificates.

Kyungeun was wearing Lolita braids and a pink knee-length T-shirt with “Full Exposure” slogan on the front in large, grey letters. “Wise choice,” she said, “to take up our promotional offer. So many men get circumcised without induction. We feel this needs seeing to.” And she sat down cross legged on the floor. “Let’s begin then,” she said and handed me a leaflet outlining the evaluation criteria for the circumcised penis driving license. It contained the following points:

• Underwear
• Maintenance
• Manual stimulation
• Sex

“We can complete all of these in one go,” she reassured me. Then she pulled down my sweat pants and rolled her eyes at what she saw. “Double rib cotton briefs, are you kidding? With centre seam? That’s not something a circumcised man can wear, for so many reasons! So, number one on the list: get much better underwear, or even get rid of it entirely. In fact, that is what we will do first of all…” and she pulled down my briefs, making my penis drop out.

“Okay,” she said, handling it routinely, “so here we have a standard circumcision, on the low side, typical adult job; glans fully exposed, shaft skin… movable while still flaccid… frenulum removed, angled cut with slight V-shape under the glans. You may not be aware of it, but it is actually possible to pull the shaft skin over the glans if you do it like this.” And she pushed the shaft skin forward while pushing the glans into it. “Some men succeed in keeping it like this for extended lengths of time, but we don’t recommend it. I think it’s cheating, and it defeats the purpose of the circumcision. But you can and probably even should do it if you find yourself with underwear like you have now! That must feel so unpleasant to the naked glans. What we actually recommend instead is trunks of a silky material, elastic, allowing you to centre your penis. It is best to stow it hanging down, so that only the top of the glans makes contact with the fabric, while the underside rests against the testicles. That should keep irritation at a minimum, and it will keep the main parts of your glans sensitive in the long run. Definitely avoid loose boxers, especially if made from cotton, because your penis will get entangled in them and the folds they create, which will stimulate it from all sides all the time, and you will ultimately reduce your sensitivity. Also, in case of erection, the penis can descend your trouser leg, which would expose the glans to denim or other, rough fabrics.

A word on swimwear: Better take out the netting. The glans should not be in constant contact with something that rough. The outline of your penis will of course show, and there is the old joke of ‘being able to tell which religion you are’ that way; but why not? Nothing wrong with that. Just avoid white fabric, as it tends to become translucent.

While we are on the subject of water:

Maintenance of a circumcised penis is of course supremely easy. It is simply like any other body part now, with only external surfaces, and has a flora comparable to your arm or leg. You can soap and rinse with anything you’d normally use. What we don’t recommend are mineral oil based products on the glans though. Oil displaces water, and will dry out the surface. You’ll find the glans needs nothing at all applied to it, if you live a normal lifestyle, to remain smooth and even shiny, as now, with a building erection. You may find that saliva works well to keep it extra shiny, by the way.” With a wink, she took it in her mouth. “Shoe shine boys in the olden days used saliva to shine shoes; the Germans call this ‘Wichsen’, which is also their word for masturbating. Fun anecdote, huh? Tells you a thing or two about spit.”

She took the shaft, which was now rock hard, and tried to move the shaft skin, which barely budged. This seemed to please her.

“As you can see, your shaft skin does not move, really, when you are at full erection. And your scar line has pulled a good half inch away from the corona, so there is no hope of reaching the glans with even a bit of skin now. That’s as it should be. The one thing recent circumcisees often don’t realise is that pulling skin away from the glans feels just as good as pushing skin up to it used to feel. In fact, the tension you can now achieve will provide perfectly even pull around the entire base of the corona, resulting in some very pleasant sensations as soon as you pull the shaft skin taught, as would also be the case during penetration, by the way. Now place your thumb on top of your penis, about an inch behind the glans, and rest it on the second phalanx of your index finger; there, this is the classic masturbation grip for the circumcised. Resist the temptation of moving your hand onto the glans, as there is no foreskin there anymore now, and stimulating directly and in the dry is not considered the best way.” She moved my hand up and down. Her nipples were showing through her T-shirt fabric. “One more thing: The scar line, for reasons unknown, is particularly responsive to the touch…” and she ran her fingers over it to demonstrate.

“Let’s use some lube,” she said and reached for a small plastic bottle. “This is water based, and an excellent choice for anyone. When you apply it to your hand, keep in mind that all of your hand will be touching your glans every now and then; so you’ll want to make sure that all of your hand is covered, also the sides of your fingers. Some tend to forget that, and then wonder why they get rough spots. Especially your index finger and your thumb need to be coated very generously.” She applied it to her own hand, which she then placed on my penis. “Now let’s take a look at the correct grip. With lube, you are of course fine to touch the glans. See how perfectly the second phalanx of your index finger sits exactly where the frenulum used to be, right in the nook on the underside of the glans. Nature seems to know exactly what it is doing regarding where everything ends up, doesn’t it? Now you curve your thumb around the coronary sulcus… that’s it. This completes the perfect grip around your glans. Now all you need to do is move your thumb and index finger, gently, like this… a bit over the glans, a bit up the shaft… about half an inch both ways should do it; but the sulcus is where it’s at, isn’t it?”

She was right.

“And now,” she said, made me recline on the couch, and sat on me, “for the final part of the CPDL session. “Using a circumcised penis takes some caution, because penetration is so much easier. It’s direct and simple, and it requires no preparation or anything. With a circumcised penis, you can go in and do your work with an immediacy and vigour uncircumcised men can’t. That means, you may surprise your lady friend – so, take it easy. You’ll find you’ve got more time anyway, because you can control much better when you come. You’ll notice that you can feel everything inside me much more acutely than you used to… and I get stimulation along the whole length of the shaft, because its skin is taught and doesn’t move.” She had closed her eyes now and began to breathe more heavily.

“And because your remaining, inner foreskin is stretched back, you get additional, direct stimulation through direct contact with the vaginal walls along a stretch of skin almost the length of the glans, in addition to the glans…”

The rest of the session was concluded without further explanations, and I passed the test really well, from what I gathered.
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