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The German Doctor (multi parts)

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The German Doctor (multi parts)

Postby snoman » Sat Mar 24, 2018 9:53 am

This is my first ever attempt at circ fiction. Thanks for your patience!

Essen isn’t the prettiest city in Germany. It’s an industrial town, located in the western central part of the county, characterised by extinct chimneys and grunge chic former factories turned into art spaces and nightclubs.

I’ve been out of my element since arriving 2 weeks ago to start my one year job contract with an elevator manufacturer, but the pay is good and what harm can a year in Germany do? Put that engineering degree to good use, see the world and run away from my college debts for awhile, right?

At the moment I’m sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, waiting to be called in. Apparently I was supposed to have already had a complete medical done before coming here (something to do with my health insurance coverage), but in the rush to get myself moved, I completely forgot. With the brutal efficiency the Germans are famous for, an appointment was organised for me as soon as my laissez faire irresponsibility was noticed.

They don’t mess about here.

“Herr Snow”, the receptionist calls and, checking quickly to make sure it’s me, I stand and follow her outstretched arm to an empty examination room.

She says something in German which I assume means “Wait in here, please”, so I wander in and sit down, trying to imagine what she might look like with no clothes on. She’s cute. Weird glasses though, (most Germans seem to wear these weird square-ish glasses, and their fashion sense is well and truly stuck in the ’80’s).

The room itself is your standard doctor’s office exam room. A desk with two chairs, exam table, computer monitor - nothing extraordinary.

Extraordinary walks into the room about 5 minutes later. Tall, long dark ponytailed hair, blue eyes, and smelling faintly of jasmine, Frau Doktor Babic is a commanding presence and completely breathtaking. She’s (at a guess) around 32, and looks nothing like Hitler’s Aryan dream. I’d guess from her surname and her striking looks her parents may have been refugees from the former Yugoslavia. Balkan women are nature’s genetic lottery winners. They seem to have inherited all the sultriness of their Mediterranean sisters as well as that pure ice cold beauty of the Slavs to their east. Many of Germany’s younger generations are from this part of the world - arriving in the early 90’s because of the war there.

Of course I’m not processing all of this right now. Right now I’m trying to remind myself to breathe.

“Herr Snow?” She speaks crisply and confidently.

“Umm, yes....sorry, they said at the company that you speak English. Is that ok? I’ve only just arrived.” I have to get this out of the way first otherwise I’ll have no chance of reporting back to my HR department what’s happened.

I see Dr Babic pause and moment of hesitation flicker across her beautiful face before it gets dismissed.

“Yes, of course,” she says, “but you don’t understand any German at all?”.

I shrug my apology - sorry. It’s on the list of things to do.

“Ok”, she sighs. Is it disappointment or frustration? English is the world language right? And surely someone as educated as a medical professional will be able to speak it well?

“We begin. Give your arm please” (ok, maybe not...). The lovely doctor is certainly exuding all the bedside warmth of a brick. I decide to engage her in conversation. Partly because I’m nervous about not knowing anything, and partly because she stunning and why not talk to a pretty lady whenever you get the chance, right?

“I saw your name on the sign outside. Can I call you Kristina? I’m Jack.”


Oh, ok. I’m suddenly out of things to say. She’s taken the blood pressure cuff off me, and made a few scribbled notes. I can see that her handwriting is not nearly as attractive as she is.

“Stand up and remove your shirt.”

‘Jawohl Frau Doktor’, I think as I stand up and start unbuttoning my shirt. When she advances on me with her stethoscope I notice that her own buttons are straining under the pressure of an obviously healthy pair of breasts. I don’t want to stare but I do anyway. And because I’m an idiot, I continue to check out the rest of her now that she’s come out from behind her desk. She’s got on a mid length skirt and her tanned legs are all kinds of nicely muscled calf and achilles. I think I even see a hint of a tattoo on her left leg. This lady is well put together.

“Herr Snow! Breathe in!” Her authoritative command snaps me back to the present and I wonder, as I feel the cold of the stethoscope between my shoulder blades, if I’ve been caught peeking. and out...the cold disk moves and I do it again, and then a few more times over.

“Good” she declares. “Now remove your Hose, your trousers”.

Ok. Dutifully I strip down to my boxers and wait while she goes back to my chart and writes some more.

Looking up, she sees me standing there (sucking in my stomach a little) and snaps at me “Everyzing, also under-trousers”.

Wait a minute. This wasn’t in the script. Nobody has ever needed me stark naked for a routine medical before.

“Are you sure?” I ask her.

“Of course. I must for a Bruch, check”. Jesus. What the hell is a Bruch? And Jesus, her English really isn’t what I’d expect from a highly educated lady. Ok - well, my efforts to engage with her haven’t yielded anything and I’m not about to impress her with the size of my package so let’s just get this done and the pretty but serious doctor lady can write me up and get on with her day.

“You must lie on the table and your under-trousers take off please!”

What the hell? I’m obviously going to have to learn how to do things at high speed for the next year if I hope to fit in in this country. Is everyone so impatient? Take your shorts off, lie on the table, lie on the table and take your shorts off...what does she want?

I slide onto the examination table, put my sock covered feet onto that stupid piece of tissue paper that’s always at the end of these things and that always seems to rip, and Dr Babic hovers over me as I lift my hips and slide my shorts down to my thighs.

I’m smelling her jasmine scented perfume and looking at the flourescent light in the ceiling, so it takes me a second to register that she hasn’t spoken or done anything.

I look down and see her staring at my crotch. Is she looking at my shaving rash and wondering where my pubes are? I have no idea.

She must feel me looking at her though because at that second, she looks back at me, and clearing her throat, straightens herself back up. Her composure had slipped. She regained it quickly but not fast enough for me not to notice. I also see that she has a small flush of red creeping up the front of her neck. Now I’m wondering what’s wrong. She saw my cock and got weirded out. What’s wrong?

“Are you Muslimisch?” she asks me. I guess that’s German for muslim.


“You are Jewish?” She presents me the statement as a question.


“Had you a problem?” she asks, her confidence obviously leaving her rapidly now. I have no idea what she’s talking about.

“What kind of problem are you talking about?”
I ask her. Why would I have a problem?

“Umm...” (ummm! This is first sign of hesitation she’s shown since she walked in) “...a problem with your penis..”


“What? No. Is there something to be worried about? What’s wrong?”. I mean, this is my penis. It’s not pornstar impressive but it’s mine and I like it.

Dr Babic’s professional detachment has all but evaporated now. She looks unsure of herself, and she looks like being unsure of herself is the worst feeling in the whole world. And her scarlet flush is extending to the sides of her neck now too. I don’t know what’s going on but in a confused way, I’m kind of liking it.

“Because you haven’t a ...(she pauses looking for the word)...a foreskin.”

(to be continued...)
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Re: The German Doctor (part 1)

Postby hardware » Sat Mar 24, 2018 12:19 pm

This is thoroughly enjoyable! :D

I love the German demeanor cracking during the exam! Eager to read more!
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Re: The German Doctor (part 1)

Postby Cufflinks » Sat Mar 24, 2018 1:08 pm

Brilliant, this is obviously written by someone who has suffered through the whole thing. Amazing - looking forward to the second part!
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Re: The German Doctor (multi parts)

Postby snoman » Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:04 am

Part 2 - (Sorry guys, it's taking me awhile to finish it up!)


Well no shit Sherlock. Who has a foreskin any longer than it takes to whip it off in the delivery room?

“No”, I reply, “I’m circumcised”. Isn’t everyone? Certainly where I come from it’s how you left the hospital. Maybe some born in their trailer hillbillies weren’t circumcised but as far as I knew, everyone in my immediate circle had the same style of cock that I did. No, scratch that. One Indian exchange student we had in my senior year, he was uncircumcised. We all found out in the showers after gym class. Poor bastard took heat for that until the day he left.

So I’m a little puzzled but not nearly as puzzled as the lovely Dr Babic, who is failing spectacularly at holding herself together. She’s easily one of the most attractive women I’ve seen since I got here, but her arrogance had turned me off completely. I’m kind of enjoying seeing her flustered, so I push it, just a touch.

“Isn’t everyone circumcised?” I asked innocently. I’m pretty sure by the way she’s reacting I know what her answer is, but I want to see how she deals with this perspective of mine.

“What? No!” She seems equal parts shocked and outraged. “Why?”.

Yep - pretty much what I was expecting. Haha pretty doctor lady, you can’t know everything.

I dig in a little deeper.

“Everyone I know is circumcised,” I offer her, again, as sweetly innocent as I can. “It’s just done automatically in the hospital when you’re born. That’s how you take your baby home with you.”

Her neck is now bright crimson, but she’s still got a little ego to overcome yet.

“This is not possible”, she murmurs, again sounding shocked, but there’s also a hint of a question mark in her voice. She’s doubting herself. Just one more shot at her and I’ll be good. I’m happy with the points I’ve been scoring. Yeah - I’m an asshole sometimes.

“But Dr Babic, you’re a doctor. Surely you must have studied this at medical school? Surely I’m not the first circumcised man you’ve ever seen?”.

Until now her gaze has been drifting between my nose and my navel. Now she locks her eyes on mine (beautiful blue Jennifer Connelly eyes), takes a breath and says,

“We don’t do this here. I know this from maybe Africa or Muslimische or Jewish persons, or if you have an infekt. Maybe diabetes it is needed. That’s all.”

That’s all. End of discussion. This lady obviously doesn’t like being told there are things she doesn’t know. And yet....I’m still lying on the table with my shorts down on my thighs and my cock exposed, and Dr Babic’s neck is still red, and what’s this? Is that a hint of an erect nipple I see pushing it’s way through her bra and shirt?

I can see her eyes locked on mine, but too hard. Like she’s studiously avoiding looking anywhere else, although I’m guessing she might want be wanting to.

“Umm - so, what now?” I say.

She jumps. “Of course” she exclaims and, re-finding her professional mask, tells me she has to check me for a ...I don’t really understand what she says.

Then it’s my turn to jump, as I feel her cold sweaty hand gently cup my balls and her fingers push upward into my perineum.

“......(something in German)....”. She looks at me puzzled, but not as annoyed as before.

“Sorry”, I say, wondering why her hands are sweating so much. It feels like I have a salamander sleeping on my scrotum. “I don’t understand..”

“Umm...” she begins as she starts searching the English dictionary in her head. My phone with my translation app is in my jeans pocket, but my jeans are lying on the back of the chair I was sitting in, not anywhere near me.

“..Spasm?”, she suggests hopefully. I look at her face, and I can’t help myself, I crack up laughing. The most remarkable thing happens next. She cracks up laughing too. It transforms her completely. She is no longer Dr Babic the ice queen perfectionist, she is just a pretty young lady who can’t think of the word she needs.

“Oh Je”, she says, blushing a little, “my English..”

“Did you mean ‘cough’?” I ask her. I can’t think of anything else. This brings about more fits of laughter, which make her boobs jiggle in a really nice way. And for sure - she has a pokie situation happening that would make Jennifer Aniston proud.

“Yes!” she exclaims. “Koff! Koff koff please!”

How cute. Cough cough please. I dutifully do as I’m asked.

I don’t seem to be a hernia risk. I expect her to head back to her desk and continue making notes but she doesn’t. She stays at the side of the table, her smile fading a little but her mood still vastly different than it was before.

“Normally I must make an inspection of the foreskin” she tells me earnestly, “but I don’t know what I now do.”

“Well,” I tell her, “I don’t have a foreskin, so I guess that’s moot, right”

“What means ‘moot’” she asks, but not looking at me. She still looking at my penis.

“Moot. You know, like, ‘it doesn’t matter anymore’,”.

“Hmm - but I must make an inspection. This is not my praxis - I am only a new physician, so I must everything correctly do.”

Well, if a pretty lady asks you if she can inspect your cock, who are you not to oblige her?

“Ok”, I tell her, “Be my guest.”


“Go ahead. Finish your inspection.”

I’m the first to admit I’m not the most well endowed man on the planet. My ex girlfriend told me I had an ET cock - that it would extend like ET’s neck in that old movie, so in it’s current state it’s most definitely not a ‘shower’. And I’ve noticed other guys in the locker room have seem to have tighter skin on their units - maybe because they’re not growers like me, I don’t know, but at rest, my penis has a few wrinkles of skin that sit just behind the head.

It’s here that Dr Babic seems to want to begin.

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Re: The German Doctor (multi parts)

Postby Cufflinks » Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:25 am

Delightfully cringeworthy and totally authentic in its portrayal of German, social graces - love it!
Where's the applause button again...?
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Re: The German Doctor (multi parts)

Postby hardware » Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:45 pm

Continuing to thoroughly enjoy. I'm eager to see how this one works out!
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Re: The German Doctor (multi parts)

Postby snoman » Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:49 am

Here's the third and final part guys. Sorry if it feels a little rushed at the end. My week is about to get busy and I wanted to finish it before life takes my time away.

Thanks for reading, and please PM me if you have any suggestions for how I might improve things.


She reaches tentatively for my penis and grasps it lightly with two fingers, just underneath where the folds of skin have formed a cuff against the glans. I can feel her concentration from my end of the exam table, enveloping her like a bubble. I’m not about to flatter myself that I exist anymore - there’s just her curiosity and my cock.

“Ok?” - it’s a rhetorical question. She didn’t look back at me. And before I can formulate anything witty to say, she pulls my shaft skin back toward my pelvis, smoothing out the wrinkles.

“Huh”, I hear her mumble in surprise, and notice that, as she leans forward, her chest is moving a little more quickly than a standard medical examination should make it. I’m not complaining though - I quite enjoy watching her chest move like it is.

She still has her fingers holding my skin back, but she’s very close to eye level now. My perverts mind is already picturing this as blow job territory - it sure as hell looks like that’s what’s about to happen. It’s only the fact that she has these cold sweaty hands on me that I’m not starting to get hard yet. I see her bring her other hand to table height and wipe her palm on her white pants before she starts tracing her fingers around the circumference of my penis shaft. Her face is so close now I can feel her breath on my balls.

“Oh” she exclaims. “Here is your ...(something German I can’t understand)..”

“My what?”

Still she doesn’t look back at me. “Your ....where the skin is cut off.’s nothing!”

(yeah thanks Dr Babic - I know it’s not huge...)

“It’s very difficult to look.”

(It’s very difficult to look? This is getting more and more bizarre).

“Well, move your head back a bit, “ I joke. “Give yourself some space.”

“What?” The pretty lady doctor finally deigns to look back at me, and I can see that despite her professional interest in my cock, her frosty demeanor is completely gone. Her eyes lock onto mine with a sparkle, and she says

“Nein - like so” and releasing my penis, rolls up the sleeve of her shirt to point out to me a five inch long pale line of scar tissue on her forearm.

“It is normal to have this, but you have only a small one. Very difficult to look.”

“Oh! The scar is difficult to see?”

“Ja Ja! Richtig. The scar, it is difficult to see. It is almost like not there.” And with this pronouncement she dives back to my crotch. Picking my dick up again in the same spot as before she then moves the shaft skin forward toward my glans. I’m looking at her looking at my anatomy, and I can see a slight hesitation when the skin meets the corona and goes no further. Her brow furrows a little, she moves the skin back and then attempts once more to pull it past the glans.

This time she uses a little more force and manages to rolll a little of my dick skin up and over the corona. Success! I can see her smiling in triumph (still not looking at me) which turns me on more than I can say. She relaxes her grip a little and does it again - skin over the corona. And then stretched back tightly and then forward once again.

I wonder if Dr Babic realises she’s giving me a handjob?

She must. On her next push forward notices straight away something is different. This time, there’s no movement beyond the glans. My skin is bunched, much less than before, just behind the corona. I’m starting to get hard. She tries again.

She lets go of my cock and we both watch it as it rises jerkily to full attention. No wrinkles now.

“He is so straff!” she exclaims. I’m not quite sure what ‘straff’ means, but before I get to ask she reaches out once more, and gives the skin on my cock a little tug upward to the glans. There’s a little movement but not much. Dr Babic’s face is wide eyed wonder like a child on Christmas morning. Well - I like to think so. She goes to do it again and this time her slippery fingers (they’re sweating again) lose their purchase immediately and her fingers run the length of my cock, ending up in the middle of my glans. It sends a shiver through me, and as my toes curl in my socks Dr Babic turns to me.

“Herr Snow” she says to me, “I have never seen something like this. It was necessary I must examinate you.” She’s smiling at me now, her blue blue eyes probing mine, and think for sure I’m going to get lucky with this beautiful creature.

“Of course”, I reply in my best English version of what I’d expect a good German to say.

“But now is your examination komplett. You must now get dressed. Dankeschön.”

Wait...thank you? But I’m lying on an exam table with a gorgeous woman next to me, who’s obviously excited and who, until five seconds ago had been giving me a handjob, and now I’m supposed to get dressed again? What’s up with that?

“Umm Dr Babic? You, umm, you can’t really leave me like this, you know,” I say hopefully.

“I can’t....? But you must now dress.”

Uh oh. I’ve questioned her authority, told her she couldn’t do something, and now I'm worried her ice princess mask is going to slide back into place.
Shitshitshitshitshit. My erection is fading rapidly and Dr Babic, scarlet flush and all, has moved to the sink to wash her hands.

Fuck. I’m not sure what’s going on here but obviously I’m going to need a little more time to learn how to interpret 'German Woman' behaviour. Back home this would have been the prelude to something much more fun than a tram ride back to the office.

I sigh, pull my shorts back up, contemplate an oncoming case of blue balls but decide not to confuse Dr Pretty any further with esoteric english terminology, and proceed to get dressed.

When I’m done I go back to Dr Babic’s desk, sit myself down and wait while she continues to write in my file. I wonder if she’s writing up what just transpired? Wouldn’t surprise me.

“Herr Snow,” she puts down her pen and looks up at me smiling. “You are healthy. And I must apologise me. It was not so professional.”

“No problem”, I answer back. Should I tell her I enjoyed it a lot? That might not go down so well.

“But Herr Snow,” she continues. “I am very interested in this. These things what you have told, I did not learn them at uni. I think I must. It is important.” She’s still smiling, and looking me in the eye, but I’m not sure what the right answer is here. Dr Babic, once again the expert, comes to my rescue.

“Maybe you can me with my English help? We begin with a kaffee after work tonight, ja?”

Oh, right!

“No problem”, I answer back, one last time.

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Re: The German Doctor (multi parts)

Postby Cufflinks » Tue Mar 27, 2018 2:16 pm

Wow. This is so authentic. I actually had a doctor in Germany ask me once (and she was quite a cute one, too), "... but where is there anything cut off?"
Couldn't say my confidence in seeking treatment there has been strengthened by it, but it still was a nice memory.
Some people’s opinion one simply cannot change. Mine, for example.
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Re: The German Doctor (multi parts)

Postby snoman » Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:37 am

Thank you Cufflinks.

I can only imagine. You're considerably more international than I am, but it seems to be a very German thing to always be right about stuff, especially (oh my God, especially) the medical people. With this story I wanted to try and capture how it feels when you confront a German with information they should know, (and they know they should know), but they obviously don't.

It drives me nuts sometimes that not one person in this country seems to be able to admit that they're wrong, but it was certainly therapeutic to write it out here!

Thanks for reading.
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Re: The German Doctor (multi parts)

Postby Cufflinks » Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:34 pm

I think the Germans should all be researchers.

Let them forever pursue the ultimate truths about things, and they will be happy, and who knows, perhaps find them, too. Having spent almost two decades there myself, I can say this about them: They truly believe that there is a right way of doing things (which is great), and often, that they individually are the ones who have actually discovered those ways, or one of them (which is great for alcohol-fuelled barbecue discussions, but can get scary and does get old after a while).

It's no wonder the "mad scientist" stereotype is German, not Russian, or Finnish (which, in my opinion, would be even better contestants, really). In Germany, you have to stand for some high flying philosophy to be taken seriously, and if it's even your very own, you get top marks.
Some people’s opinion one simply cannot change. Mine, for example.
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