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Average Girls on CUT vs Uncut

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Re: Average Girls on CUT vs Uncut

Postby snoman » Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:12 am

Gemlt wrote:PS, a little FYI: Today was actually my Pornhub account’s 2nd anniversary. I’ll allow myself to brag for a minute and admit that with over 700 subscribers, I’m coming up on 1.5 million views, almost a half million of which are for this “Various Girls” video alone. Not bad for an afternoon of splicing clips together.

My one regret with this video is that the comments are overwhelmingly negative. It seems like this video really touched a nerve with a lot of guys, and I sometimes feel kind of bad about the negative reaction it seems to have produced in a lot of viewers. I’m all for body positivity, and that’s a driving force in my promotion of acucullophilia, but it really bothers me that there are guys that feel offended because of something I’ve put out there. I’m not sure how much the concept of “trigger warnings” come up in other cultures, but in the US it’s become increasingly common to post a message at the beginning of a video that might evoke negative emotions in people (typically because they discuss or depict some form of trauma). I have mixed feelings about this concept, but would consider something like it if I knew how popular the video would become.

Tangentially, have you ever noticed that the comments section of things like this video are dominated by intactivists. I can’t think of a single time I’ve read the comments section and found a circumcised guy who was offended because a woman admitted she digs foreskin. Ah well, we all have our crosses to bear I guess...

That's awesome news Gemlt - congrats! You're a good man for considering the thoughts of those foreskin friendly viewers who posted comments. At some point in life we can either choose to be adults and admit that everyone has preferences for certain things, and that's ok, or we can stamp our feet, hold our breath and curse the people who don't think the way we do. I would like to be as mature as you are, but honestly, I can't be bothered anymore. The amount of bile the anti-circer's produce has really swayed the way I think about them, and now I'm just inclined to think, let them be unhappy.

I agree with you that they seem to have a lot to say. I think I posted this awhile ago when research came out showing there was no difference in sensitivity between circumcised and uncircumcised men. The negative responses that I saw were all from the anti crowd. Screaming about bad study design and confirmation bias and poor sample control and blah blah blah - and all I could think of was "What does this have to do with them in the first place?". Some guy feels the same sensations you do? Good for him, right? But surely it's a finding that has everything to with circumcised men (who for years have been wrongly told they're less sensitive), and nothing at all to do with men who were never circumcised in the first place, but it's those men who were the most opposed to the findings of that study.

There is foreskin oriented porn out there they can enjoy. Leave them to it and if they want to be butthurt about that clip you put together, that's their choice too.
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